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So... Why pugs?

AniPug - Anime X Pugs

I think pugs are adorable and cute in their own silly way.
Pugs have a funny looking face, and each movement they do makes me happy.
Every creation that I think about makes me laugh while drawing and sketching it.



We work with "Cheetah Deliveries"
Deliveries are to the whole country,  delivery times are up to 5 business days.
There are places where delivery times are up to 7 business days.
Free Shipping
For every "apparel" order.

Delivery to a Cheetah collection point (Cheetah Shops) the closest to your address! free for every apparel item.

For other products,  shipping to your house by Cheetah costs 35 NIS or a Free pickup from center Tel Aviv.


For Regular Shirts: Choose which drawing you want from the drawings catalog.
Decide which color you want your t-shirt to be.

For Summer Collection: Choose between unique designs of the original drawings. - Double Sided Shirts! 
Insert the payment details, and choose how you would like to receive your product.
Get a new, unique and funny AniPug shirt! Help a simple Otaku to keep creating more and more creations for you.


Wash your T-shirt in cold wash only!
No more than 30 degrees heat.
Dry the shirt on a rope outside,
Wash the shirt inside out (print side is in)

Shirt type

Women shirt is tighter *It is advisable to take one size larger than usual*

For sizes: check the "more information" tab on every Apparel product

So Commissions.. How does it work?

fGo to "Contact Us" tab, and write about your desired drawing. 
You will receive a document that you need to fill.
When you finish you will get a full explanation about price and further 
For Commissions: Click Here


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